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FIFA Agent Sky Andrew Joins the SMWW Faculty

sky andrew fifa agent smww mentorConsider the work that goes into becoming a top notch sports agent and you may focus on contractual, marketing, branding, and negotiating skills. And while those are vital parts, the truth is, being a sports agent is about building relationships.

No one knows this better than our new Soccer Agent course mentor, Sky Andrew.

How to Take Your Sports Career to the Next Level

take your sports career to the next levelTalk to any career counselor and one of the first things they’ll ask you is, “What are your differentiators?” Their goal in asking that question is to probe deeper and find out what it is that makes you different from any other job seeker. 

Top Sports Jobs for SMWW Students & Graduates - 5th edition

top sports jobs of the weekImmortality.

That's the only word I could think of after watching the Cubs complete their epic comeback to win their first World Series in 108 years.

Immortality for President of Baseball Operations Theo Epstein, Manager Joe Madden, MVP Ben Zobrist, Jon Lester, Albert Almora - the list goes on.

These champions will live on in folklore long beyond their days - heroes to millions of fans.

Jobs Our Sports Analytics Courses Will Prepare You For

sports analytics jobsSports analytics is one of the most exciting fields in sports today, and for good reason. Anytime you can utilize a new technique to upset the accepted norms of sports you are going to turn heads and pique interest.

America's Team versus America's Pastime - Who Wins?

baseball versus football ratings showdownIn the last decade plus our society has drifted into a “just add water’ mentality. Everything needs to happen fast or we lose

Baseball is not fast.

At its best it is methodical, at its worst it is painstakingly slow, akin to a drive on the 405 during Los Angeles rush hour. Because of this societal shift, America’s pastime has suffered.

How to Become a Great Sports Agent

How to become a great sports agentSports have been around for centuries, but sports agents are a relatively new phenomenon.

Back in the mid-1970’s most if not all athletes represented themselves or had a family member do it for them, but as the world has become more complex athletes required skilled advocates working in their best interest.

Harry Sinden, Hockey Hall of Famer...and Your Mentor?

Harry Sinden Hockey Hall of Famer and SMWW mentorThe power structure within the Boston Bruins has been in place for a few years now. Former Bruins great Cam Neely has worn the crown of team president since 2010, his former teammate with the Bruins, Don Sweeney, enters his second year as the team’s general manager.

Top Sports Jobs for SMWW Students and Graduates – 4th edition

top sports jobs of the weekThis is the best time of the year for sports. Basketball and Hockey are about to start, Baseball is in the midst of its championship run, Football is rounding into mid-season form and soccer is manning the pitch around the globe.   

Top Sports Jobs for SMWW Students & Graduates - 3rd Edition

sports jobs of the weekLast week we published our 2nd edition of the Sports Jobs of the Week perfect for SMWW students column and a really good question came back from Facebook.

SMWW grad Delano Sanders asked, “Are any of these good for graduates?”


Join us at our London Sports Career Conference

london sports career conference Every year the Super Bowl is positioned as the biggest sporting event the world has ever seen, but this is a falsehood.